Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a professional discipline that uses music to achieve therapeutic aims. The music therapy practice is set in a safe and nurturing environment which allows the child to learn and share freely.

Music therapy uses music and engagement to address a variety of objectives, including stimulation, self-express, motivation, communication, promote social interaction, improve speech as well as sensory-motor skills; the therapist taking into account individuals and groups' abilities and needs when developing the music therapy program. Children in the program may participate in a range of musical applications such as: improvisation, instrument playing, singing or vocalising, music and movement, listening, and performance. Music can provide a sense of independence and individuality, and through active participation, music therapy can assist the participants in their growth and development.  (AMTA 2011) 


When are the Classes?


Music Therapy in Burwood

Classes are available on Saturday. For enquiries, please contact us.