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The Special Children Services Centre Inc. (SCSC) was established by a group of professionals, volunteers, parents and/or carers of people with intellectual disabilities and the aged. SCSC intends to address service gap issues encountered by people with disabilities, the aged, and their carers, in particular, clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD), in the Australian community.

We aim to develop and provide specialised educational programs, training and therapeutic programs to persons with intellectual disabilities, particularly young children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

We organise quality support service, relevant respite service and information to carers and/or families to cope with the demands in caring for people with intellectual disabilities or the aged, via educational workshops and information sessions.

We also provide opportunities & performance training for persons with intellectual disabilities, to showcase their talents in the public arena in available art forms

SCSC reserves copy rights to all photos, our logo & information.  Anyone download / upload anything from this website without any permission from SCSC management is illegal.

Kids performance on TVB Australia Sept 2017

Art therapy & Dance program


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Apr 2018 Activities



特殊兒童服務中心(SCSC) 是一個政府註冊的慈善機構。中心的目標是對有發育遲緩﹐有語言或智能障礙的兒童提供支援及訓練。發揮和增強弱能兒童的能力﹐啟發他們的潛能及適應生活的需要。



課程由專業導師及註冊音樂/藝術治療師教導,  如你家中有特殊需要的小朋友,歡迎你們報名參加。


(1) 開心冰上溜 (額滿)

日期:18/4 (星期三)



(2) 感官肌能訓練課程

日期:17, 19, 24, 26/4 (星期二, 四) (額滿)


地點:SCSC Ashfield Office


(3) 藝術治療班及舞蹈動作班

日期:14/4 (星期六)



(4) 音樂治療班及舞蹈動作班

日期:21/4 & 28/4(星期六)



(5) 生日會

日期:28/4 (星期六)

時間:  下午4:00至4:30

以上活動地點:Burwood Community Welfare Centre: 2 Wyatt Avenue, Burwood


本會活動只限會員參加, 參加者必須報名。



如欲查詢本會活動及報名詳情, 請致電:  02 9799 4802

              或 電郵: